Heppelwhite Sofa


Traditionally made beech framed sofa based on an original Hepplewhite Regency design. The legs can be fabric covered or exposed in oak, walnut or mahogany, finish. 'Skated' horsehair enveloping the arms and back produces elegant edging and refinement in design. The seat can be either a firm horse hair or soft down cushion. Our standard length is 1720mm; reductions or enlargements can be requested.

Design Advice

Customers can choose from

- Fabrics: design advice and samples available or customer’s own

- Finishes: braids, studs, tacks, buttons

- Legs: English Walnut, Mahogany, Lacquered or Ebonised Beech, Oak


21.65 in.67.72 in. 16.54 in.D
55 cm172 cm42 cmD

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