Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'

Product image 1Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 2Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 3Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 4Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 5Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 6Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 7Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'
Product image 8Dagda: John Piper 'Stones of Bath'

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Ensemblier’s Pret a Dormir is launched with upholstered headboards that take on the status of one-off artworks when combingin unique vintage fabrics with the craftsmanship  off using all-natural materials traditional upholstery.

Part of our collection is the Dagda, upholstered in one of the leading figures in Modernist art, John Piper, a creator of abstract textiles that went almost beyond definition.  Piper had huge respect for craftsmanship and often worked with stained glass artisans to re-interpret them into poetical and abstract canvasses.

Our Ensemblier-sourced John Piper fabric is a rare art-piece in itself and when used in upholstery, it creates a story to tell, a talking piece, and combined with our British craftsmanship, a piece with longevity within a home that values an eye for design and natural living.  The back of each frame has a numbered brass plate marking its production journey and maker, signalling the quality of manufacturing and a seal of longevity.

We offer the consumer to expand their creative boundaries by covering either a vintage fabric sent to us or an Ensemblier-sourced vintage piece with a consultation.  Alongside the chosen vintage fabric comes various details to choose from, such as brass studs, elaborate trimmings, or a plain edge or pipe.  Each headboard is uniquely crafted using raw materials such as organic British wool, hessian webbing, upholstery horsehair, and GOTS cotton lining.


Fabric:  Ensemblier-sourced John Piper 'Stones of Bath' fabric for Arthur Sanderson & Sons c.1960

Detail: Plain border edge

Size: UK Super King headboard (180cm wide x 120cm high)

Composition of raw materials:

- Handmade beech frame

- Hessian webbed exposed frame

- Black cattle tail on hessian

- Organic British needled wool

- GOTS cotton lining

Fixing: Our headboards come as standard with wooden batons on the back of the frame, ready to unscrew and fix on the wall for a flush headboard fitting.

Why Buy Ensemblier

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Pivotal to our initial of 'good design' of elegant, thoughtful proportions of each of our headboards is to support highly skilled craftsmen using traditional methods with natural and sustainable materials, custom-made to our client's requirements. Inspiration for our headboards is sought from a medley of places, from references in the V&A library, to picture frames and settees.

The frames are solid beech, dowel-jointed, made either "wall-hung" with a mattress slip or "to the floor". Being of frame construction rather than board with a foam interior as so many of our competitors are, the frames are traditionally webbed with materials including rubberised horsehair, organic cotton bump, British wool and calico. Our headboards are designed and manufactured to last beyond a lifetime, in that they can be recovered, and will not crumble in 8 years, like the toxic chemicals of foam. All our headboards carry an embossed and numbered Ensemblier brass tag, to ensure authenticity, and are encased in a protective calico travel bag for storage and transportation.

In addition to our own designs, we additionally collaborate within our industry, working with outstanding designers in royalty schemes to acknowledge their designs. As we understand the research and study taken to produce unusual and striking designs, we are proud to collaborate with Kitesgrove, Rita Konig & Joanna Plant in producing their concepts.

A note on unique designs - we take our intellectual property incredibly seriously and will actively pursue any infringements of this.

Care & Our Guarantee

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Our cherished furniture pieces are considered investment pieces with our frames built to last for generations to recover again and again. We use only natural, sustainably sourced materials that will last the test of time with the correct care. Furniture that uses cheaper materials of MDF and polyethylene foam is not only toxic to your home and environment, but it starts to disintegrate within 3 years, whereas our beech frames are intended to last 300 years or more, like the pieces they are inspired by.

Where upholstery is concerned, we offer a recovering service of our headboards for £450.00 plus a delivery service.

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Ensemblier London

31 Upper Cheyne Row
SW3 5JL 
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