Ensemblier works with the finest master craftsman in the Great Britain, and has established relationships with these highly skilled artisans over many years.  Each piece is individually hand crafted to the client’s specifications, and involves many processes for example, many of our pieces are hand drawn to one to one scale by a now retired frame maker of 60 years.  Our frames are solid beech, either dowelled or tenon’d depending on the piece.  All the legs are hand turned or carved, with the castors being hand cast in the West country.  The upholstery is undertaken by various master upholsters in the South of England, each pieces is wedded, hand stitched and tacked and hand sprung with regards to our sofas.  The down cushion inserts are either made in the workshops or supplied by a cushion maker in the West country.  Regarding our Bellamont dining chairs for example, the legs are gesso’d by a skilled gilder in the South East. 

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