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Craftsmanship and the role of the artisan has always been at the forefront of Ensemblier designs.  Ensemblier was established to actively champion British workshops and master craftsmen.  By working with these small independent artisans it enables us to have flexibility in production and oversee the intricate details, unique to the piece and client.

"We believe that luxury is about individuality and choice thus our collections are merely references to develop upon.  Each piece is individually designed and handmade using time-honoured craft techniques to ensure lasting objects."

We advocate the move away from the throw away culture, we strongly believe in provenance of all our materials, working to ensure all our components are made from natural, sustainable resources.  Our aim is to create heritage investment pieces with a narrative, that can be recovered, and loved by generations.  We are committed to unparalleled quality, with a legacy that stands the test of time.

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