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Launched in May 2014 with a range of customisable headboards, beds and sofas, London-based Ensemblier is the concept of interior designer Tara Craig.

Tara has developed a brand that is synonymous with high quality elegant design that primarily liberates the consumer and enables the individual to design elements of their piece of furniture. Ensemblier puts sustainability and ethical sourcing at the centre of its design process, all items are made in the UK using natural materials.

Ensemblier’s defining principle is to support and uphold traditional British craftsmanship; as a counter to vanishing artisan trades.  A fundamental aspect is to inform and enlighten the consumer on these traditional skills and help sustain  small workshops across England. These workshops, which continue to maintain traditional methods and use natural materials, are sustained through apprenticeships schemes and supporting the craftsman.

The designs by Tara are rich in European influences with special reference to 18th Century furniture design researched through exquisitely preserved British furniture and the extensive catalogues at the V&A.

Ensemblier partners with artisanal UK based fabric houses including Bennison, Bernard Thorpe and Howe to produce artistically valuable upholstered products to both interior design professionals and retail customers.

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