Town & Country, Summer 2020

The contemporary antiquarian


Having studied fine art in Florence and taken a postgraduate course in 20th-century design at Sotheby's Institute of Art, Tara Craig has a unique aesthetic influenced by both Italian mannerism and British modernism.  In 2014, she founded the furniture company Ensemblier, specialising in bespoke products made in the UK; more recently, she has started taking on interiors projects, and has thus far brought her furnishing flair to residences in London, Paris and Surrey. As in her own Chelsea flat, set inside a Georgian building, all of her designs look timeless, which may come from the fact she sees equal beauty in the clean lines of contemporary architecture and in period homes.  "I'm obsessed by how things wear - longevity is important to me," she says.  "Beautiful interiors don't happen overnight. Any noteworthy space is embellished over time."

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