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ensemblier London sofa being made

Why we make our furniture in England.

Great Britain has a long heritage of the finest upholstery and frame making, with a linage dating from the beginning of the 18th century.   It is a fundamental importance to us that we support these skills and therefore we are proud to champion this part of British heritage – which is in the danger of extinction. 

Our aim is to ensure that these skills are not lost and support these makers and traditions.  By making in the U.K we are ever more environmentally conscious and feel ethically it is important to support British industry. In making with traditional natural materials we believe there is a longevity in the products, not only in sustainability, however, it is our hope that these become investment pieces, which are passed on to future generations.  They are classic designs, we can be recovered for when eventualities such as a house move or new room scheme are undertaken.

Each piece of Ensemblier furniture has its own unique provenance, shown on a small brass plaque. 

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